Wednesday 12 November 2014

Tippitoes Baroo Nursing Pillow - Review

When I was first given the opportunity to try out the Tippitoes Baroo Nursing Pillow from BabyThingz, I was thrown a bit as I'm not currently breastfeeding but in reality this pillow is so much more than that.

We have been using ours in a multitude of ways. Firstly, as a feeding pillow. Yep, a feeding pillow for bottlefeeding too! If I put the it across my lap with the 'U' shape facing in then lay E down on it, she can sit comfortably whilst I feed her.

She's also tried it out as a tummy time aid. E loves having tummy time but sometimes she can get a bit stressed if she's just lying flat on her belly. This pillow gives her a little support and she can have a good nosy around her.

As she isn't sitting upright by herself yet, it can't be used to support her as she sits at the moment but she does like to lie on it and look around. She's at an age where she is taking everything in so it's been very helpful with that.

A few days ago I had popped out for a bit and when I arrived home, I saw that Chris had E lying on the pillow sleeping in her carrycot. Apparently it had sent her straight to sleep which is a big deal for her! Obviously we don't leave her sleeping on it unattended or during the night but it's been great for settling her and we will continue to use it as she grows.

The Tippitoes Baroo Nursing Pillow is also said to be great as a pregnancy pillow as it can give you support around your back, knees or ankles.

There is a cover has a zip so it is easily removed for cleaning and the beige star design make it perfect for both boys and girls.

It retails at £24.99 and you can find out more at the Baby Thingz website.

(Disclaimer: We received this item free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts an opinions are my own.)

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