Thursday 10 September 2015

E at 1 Year

Five days ago, my baby girl turned one. I cannot believe a whole year has passed already. In the days leading up to her birthday, even after buying balloons and banners, it still seemed so surreal and I was a little in denial. Now, in the days following her birthday, I'm checking Timehop every morning and I'm greeted with pictures of my little newborn and I still remember posting them like it was yesterday.

Thinking about my tiny baby there and looking at her now, makes me realise just how much she's grown up. She is beginning to chatter. She says, "mummy", "daddy", "don't touch!" (clearly I say that a lot!) and "hiya" as well as babbling. She is very adventurous and loves to crawl and climb up onto the sofa. We're not yet at the walking stage. She'll happily cruise along the furniture and can stand unaided for about 20 seconds but as soon as she tries to walk, she'll freak out and grab onto the nearest thing. We'll get there soon.

E has five teeth; the two bottom ones and three at the top. We have one front tooth that is showing no signs of making an appearance so she looks a little like a hillbilly. Maybe she'll look a little less goofy when that comes down - ha!

She has discovered how to clap her hands and she is really bloody proud of herself when she does it. 

E comfortably wears 12-18 month clothing and has only a bedtime bottle - hurrah! She loves her grub and will eat anything going. I'm not sure on her weight and length as she hasn't had her one year check yet.

She has come so far in a year and her little personality just shines through. She really makes us laugh with her silly little facial expressions. Before she was born I always wondered how I could love someone as much as love C but it was so easy. She has slotted into our lives perfectly; the final piece of our puzzle, and I cannot imagine life without her now.

1 comment on "E at 1 Year"
  1. It's been lovely watching her grow from a newborn into a lovely little girl through your blog posts. I can't believe that she's 1 already.

    She looks adorable, as always. :)