Thursday 3 September 2015

What I've Won: August 2015

August has been great to me! Here's what I won last month:

1) Dummy clip (RRP £2.50) from jdummyclips_x on Instagram
I was so chuffed to have won this as the personalised one I bought for E (from eBay) broke a while back.

2) Kids bundle (RRP £30.00) from theankergroup on Twitter 
I was so over the moon with this as it's perfect for C!

3) Frozen bundle from AldiToHarrods on Twitter
How awesome is this!? They were purchased in America too so it's extra special!

4) Frozen-inspired bow (RRP £4.00) from emilies_bowtique on Instagram  
Love love love this bow and E totally rocks it!

5) Mustard wrap from minimoonbeams on Instagram
I love headwraps and this colour is perfect for E's autumn/winter wardrobe!

6) Bows (RRP £4.00) from lotoflace on Instagram 
Yep, more bows! I am obsessed!

7) Half price moccs from beccasbowtiquex on Instagram
This was a game of tag to win a pair of moccasins for half price. I chose a white pair and I love them!

8) Jumpsuit (RRP £16.99) from lovefashionuk on Twitter 
It's so nice to win something for me for a change!

9) Charles Worthington goodies (RRP £31.96) from Beauty Bible
I love wins like this! So handy!

10) Nursery print (RRP £11.00) from pinkrabbitdesigns on Instagram
I won this in a game of tag and I love it! It's perfect for E's room.

11) £10 spend at rosesandbows on Instagram
Bows galore! I haven't spent my credit yet but I have no idea what I'm gonna choose. So much prettiness to choose from!

12) Udi's gluten free hamper from babybrainmemoirs on Instagram
I was completely over the moon to have won this. I have a friend who is coeliac and I have been trying to win something like this for her for a while. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can gift it to her.

13) Outdoor Opposites book (RRP £5.99) from Barefoot Books
This was an online giveaway run by Words for Life. It is perfect for the kids!

14) The Truffle Mouse book (RRP £4.99) from scholasticuk on Twitter 
This book is a little too old for the kids but I've put it away until they're old enough.

15) Leopard bows (RRP £5.49) from Sugared Bones Accessories on Facebook
Yes, more bows, but they're for me this time! Can't wait to receive them - they're beautiful!

16) Surprise bow (RRP £4.00) from _bobbins on Instagram
This is a tag win that I'm waiting on receiving as she is wanting to use new materials for it when they arrive. So excited!

17) Bow (RRP £2.50) from loveleeuk on Instagram
This bow is so delicate and beautiful - I love it!

18) Baby Born bathing fun doll (RRP £19.99) from zapfcreationuk on Twitter
I loved my Baby Born doll when I was little so I was delighted to win this for E.

19) Pip Ahoy! toy (RRP £14.99) from pipahoyuk on Twitter
How cute is he!? C and E will love him!

20) Tantruth tan (RRP £34.66) from sallybeautyuk on Twitter
 I never ever use fake tan but my sister is the complete opposite so this will be perfect for her!

21) Sleeping Beauty book (RRP £5.99) from Miles Kelly
This is a lovely little win for the kids.

22) Primula range (RRP £7.25) from uniquemummyblog on Twitter
I always buy Primula. I've loved it since I was little and my kids love it too so this is such a handy win!

23) Bento box (RRP £12.99) from Eats Amazing
I have wanted one of these for soooo long so I was over the moon with it. It will be perfect for C's fun lunches!

24) Bow blind bag from bambinoboutiquex
I have absolutely no idea what a bow blind bag is. I'll find out when it arrives!

Some items I didn't know the value of so I've left them out but for the ones I can total up, it comes to £229.29 - wow!

Did you win anything nice last month?

2 comments on "What I've Won: August 2015"
  1. Well done, you did brilliantly, that nursery print is gorgeous !

  2. Wow what a successful month! I never seem to have much luck on instagram