Wednesday 16 September 2015

Siblings: September 2015

This month has been testing with the siblings. E is becoming more and more active and C gets a little annoyed as he just wants his own space. I think it's just E's age though. When she's a little bigger and can talk to C, maybe it will be better. I do feel a bit sad as I thought having two children close together meant they'd be best friends. There's still time I guess! This is also why I haven't got many photos of the two of them together this month.

He does like to give her kisses and cuddles, especially at bedtime, but they always have to be on his terms. He does share his toys now and will give her her dummy when she cries. I've recently started bathing them together as E us getting bigger and watching the two of them splash and giggle together is the most beautiful thing to watch.

Giving his sister tickles

A little sneaky kiss (knocking her headband off in the process!)

dear beautiful

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  1. Hmm we've got the same thing really. My middle son Toby is all over Reuben when he gets in from school (Toby's 2, nearly 3, Roo is 4) and it's overwhelming for Reuben who wants to chill out. Then add Edith who is only 7 months and crawling about touching their prized possession... It's enough for serious dramas haha! H :)