Monday 15 March 2021

Born Of Wind by J. B. Lesel | Book Review

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Born Of Wind by J. B. Lesel - 4/5
"Meleena never quite fitted in among her fellow aquatic Meruyans, always skipping school to hide out and marvel at the natural world around her. So when she wins a place on the coveted Council Apprenticeship team, no one is more surprised than she is.

As she embarks on a tour of the nations, Meleena’s curiosity catches the attention of the Warix, a race born with the power to control wind. But she is unprepared for the secrets she uncovers as she explores this new land. The Warix are locked in a deadly civil war, and her own people are being oppressed and exploited with no way out.

Desperate to resolve this tangled conflict, Meleena sets out to locate an ancient weapon sought by both sides. Can she unite these warring peoples in time to save her own?"

This is a wonderfully immersive fantasy novel and fantastic debut.

I only just dipped my toe into the world of fantasy at the beginning of this year and this was the perfect book to make me love the genre.

The story follows Meleena, a Meruyan from Pontai'Desa who has been skipping a lot of her last year of school to sneak into the forest and sketch the nature and animals. Coming from a land focused on fishing and farming, she must choose one to be an apprentice in but she isn't interested in either. She wants to be a naturalist.

After, surprisingly, getting an apprenticeship with the council, and visiting neighbouring lands, she aims to make her wish come true.  

At the same time, Flax, a Warix goes undercover as a spy to Sen'Drorn City from Sen'Prin City. He gets an apprenticeship in Borax's workshop.

Both Meleena and Flax discover more than they bargained for on their respective journeys.

Born Of Wind is amazingly descriptive and you are fully immersed in this world. You learn more about the relationships both past and present between the cities, what caused 'The Great Split' and subsequent wars.

Meleena is the perfect protagonist and it is a real coming of age story. You can't help but root for her.

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