Friday 26 March 2021

The Last Goodbye by Fiona Lucas | Book Review

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The Last Goodbye by Fiona Lucas - 4/5
"Anna’s world was shattered three years ago when her husband Spencer was killed in a tragic accident. Her friends and family think it’s time she moved on, but how can she when she’s lost her soulmate?

On New Year’s Eve, Anna calls Spencer’s old phone just to hear his voicemail greeting. But to her surprise someone picks up. Brody answers and is the first person who truly understands what Anna is going through. As they begin to speak regularly, Anna finds herself opening up and slowly she discovers how to smile again, how to laugh, even how to hope.

But Brody hasn’t been entirely honest with Anna. Will his secret threaten everything, just as it seems she might find the courage to love again?"

This book is so beautiful.

Anna's husband Spencer died in an accident. He was hit by a drunk driver walking to the shop near their home. Three years on, Anna is still struggling to come to terms with his death. She meets up with his parents, brother and sister-in-law for fortnightly lunches and this probably doesn't help with the moving on thing either. She also senses that his mother is becoming distant with her. It shows an honest account of a relationship between the wife and parents of a deceased person.

Anna's best friend, Brazilian food stylist Gabi pushes Anna to try and meet someone new but she just isn't ready.

Distraught at the thought of entering a new year without him, Anna calls his mobile number just to hear his voice on the voicemail message but someone picks up. Brody. They end up talking on the phone for over a year, really helping each other. Brody is hiding something from Anna too.

You really feel the aching pain that Anna is feeling after losing her husband. Brody's struggles are written exceptionally well and your heart really goes out to him. The development of both characters throughout the book is wonderful.

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