Monday 8 March 2021

Growing Season by Seni Glaister | Book Review

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Growing Season by Seni Glaister - 4/5
"Danny is riddled with anxiety. But he wants to be strong for his wife Sam. She’s been through so much already.

If only he had someone to talk to.

Sam is facing a very different future to the one she expected. She’s ready to move on, yet other people won’t let her.

If only she had someone to talk to.

Their new neighbour Diana is hiding from her past. She wanted a new life. Now she’s got it she feels angry and alone.

If only she had someone to talk to.

Each of them is hiding their pain. Each of them needs to heal. But only when they learn to let each other in will they finally be able to grow."

This is an absolutely beautiful book that is wonderfully written. 

"Accept yourself for who you are and you'll like yourself more."

Sam and Danny move from South West London to the countryside. It is clear from the beginning that Danny is an extremely anxious person but is hiding quite a bit of it from wife Sam. He enjoys routine and stability. Sam has had a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Danny commutes to London on the train whilst Sam stays at home. A neighbour tells Sam not to go into the woods as a "crazy woman" lives there, who they believe to be a witch. Sam goes for a walk in the woods and bumps into said woman, Diana, and strikes up an unlikely friendship. 

Diana moved herself into a caravan in the woods to live simply and lightly. She adores nature and Sam is now the owner of a cottage with a garden for the first time so they bond over that. Diana teaches her but it runs much deeper than just about gardening. Sam hears about Diana's easy and carefree life, pretty much the opposite of her own. Both of these ladies end up having a lot in common.

Diana is such an interesting character. The nature descriptions are beautiful and as a non-gardener, it makes me want to discover my green thumb. 

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