Friday 21 June 2013

Finger Food Friday - 21/06/2013

Today's Finger Food Friday is a bit different! Usually, I introduce one food to C and tell you his reactions to it. This week I've been out and about every day so I haven't really had time to plan this weeks.

Today we visited IKEA (I'll post about that trip tomorrow!) and had lunch in the cafĂ©. I decided to get C a kids' meal - chicken strips, chips and peas 
(shock horror!).

He started off with the chicken strips but he was only able to eat the breading and found it hard to chew the meat. I then had to cut it into chunks and feed it to him which helped.

I was a bit worried about giving him chips, they're not the healthiest food in the world but because he was struggling with the chicken, I didn't want him to be hungry. They were a lot easier for him as they were softer and he was able to suck the potato out.

Obviously, when it came to the peas I spoon-fed them but they were garden peas which made them hard to chew but once they were squished down, they were chewable but he didn't like them at all!

Next week, we'll be back to the traditional Finger Food Friday - don't worry!

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