Tuesday 4 June 2013

Utopia Bathrooms 'Visualise' design tool - review

Utopia Bathrooms have come up with a brilliant idea; Visualise. Visualise is an online interior design tool.  You can use the functions to create your dream bathroom and see what the end result will look like before starting any work or handing over payments!

Utopia created this tool as a third of Brits think that the bathroom is the most important room to keep up to date as most house guests will visit this room at your home.

Visualise showcases Utopia's latest collection. I am rubbish at putting things that match together so I thought that this would be perfect for me!

The app itself was really easy to use.

The main screen:

Here you are able to choose what kind of bathroom that you would like; fitted bathroom, halo cloakroom or fitted en-suite. The fitted bathroom would be the one I would choose for my home so I selected that.

Here is the default bathroom template. You cannot change the positioning of the bathroom items but the point of the app is to see the style.

You are able to choose almost everything; door style and colours, carcass colours, worktop (laminate or deluxe), wall tiles and floor tiles.

Here are the door style options:

The design options were great. I liked how the the same style in different areas had similar names so you weren't trying to work out what matched with what. It was really fun to do and took me less than half an hour and that was with me clicking on every option to see how it would look, so it was quick and didn't take a while to load.

Here is my finished bathroom design:

I am extremely happy with it and could definitely picture it in my home now!

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