Friday 21 June 2013


I love IKEA. It's a bit out of the way for us but I love to have a nosy around. We went in with the intentions of buying C a white toy box and storage for all C's DVDs.

We came out with:

We also got other bits & bobs for ourselves - a toilet brush, drill, screws, lint roller & refills, duvet covers, a pillow & cutlery tray.

Surprisingly we only managed to spend £60.50! I could have bought everything though!

We popped into Mothercare/ELC and picked up a foam playmat for C too.

Bargain at £15 and it's a great size too. I wanted something like this as we have a wooden floor and I worry about C falling and banging his head.

Have you made any IKEA or Mothercare/ELC purchases recently?

3 comments on "IKEA Trip"
  1. I love Ikea! We're moving house soon so we'll certainly be paying them a visit!

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  2. I love IKEA too. I could have spent a small fortune so I'm pretty proud of myself for only spending £60.50! We bought a new duvet set AND we're switching bedrooms so I'm sure I'll be back to get some decorative stuff for our new room!

  3. Hello,
    could you please name the model of the IKEA blue toy box?
    Thank you and best regards,