Monday 10 June 2013

Fun in the Sun

I usually hate when it's warm outside. I'm the type of person who just sits indoors avoiding it because I can't handle the heat. Last week (and even now) in Belfast it is sunny - shocker! Now that C is here, I'm happily outdoors with him because I want him to have fun in the sun.

We don't have a garden unfortunately, but we're lucky enough to live a 2 minute walk away from Chris's mums so we spent a few days there in her garden.

In C's first week in the sun:

C learnt how to suck through a straw

Daddy gave C a mohawk

We bought C his first swimming pool (he cried with the shock of it at first but soon started to enjoy it)

C had his first time on a slide with his granny

C had dinner alfresco

And playtime in the garden with daddy

C had his first experience with grass - pulling it up and trying to eat it

I just hope now that the weather lasts and we can do more stuff together as a family!

1 comment on "Fun in the Sun"
  1. How cute are those photos! He looked like he had a blast!!! x