Monday 3 June 2013

The Day We Got to Bring C Home

On Thursday 4th of October 2012. I went to see C in SCBU as I did every day. This day was different though.

I walked in, disinfected my hands (as I was so used to doing) and walked straight over to my tiny baby boy. A nurse then came over and said the words that I'd been waiting to hear, "I think he's ready to go home soon". I couldn't believe it. We were told he'd probably be kept in until my due date (November 7th) so it was a lovely surprise. I was filled with worry though. C was well looked after with these nurses, would I be able to do a good job looking after him when we got home?

On Saturday 6th of October 2012, Chris and I got to stay in a family room at the hospital with C as we were first time parents. They wanted us to get a taste of what it would be like looking after this premature baby totally on our own (but the nurses were nearby just in case!). Chris had work at 7am the next morning so I let him get some sleep. I didn't sleep at all. I knew that I wouldn't. I sat up all night watching C's chest move up and down with every breath. Waiting for him to wake up for his feeds and nappy changes and noting them down in his chart.

Daddy feeding C in the family room

Before I knew it, it was the next morning; 7th of October 2012. The day we got to bring him home. The nurse came to ask how we got on and I said that we had no problems at all. I had to wait around while the consultant came to give the green light on C leaving. I had told them that they could take their time as Chris was working and I didn't want to bring him home without him!

I rang Chris when it was time and his mum and brother came up pick us up (with Chris, of course) and she brought me straight up to see my dad and sister. This was the first time that they'd see him (my sister wasn't allowed in as the only visitors that were allowed in NICU & SCBU were parents and grandparents and my dad hadn't come because I knew that it would upset him, seeing C like that).

C in his car seat coming home

My sister - proud auntie

After a couple of hours, Chris's mum picked us up and we went to her house (again, the first time for everyone seeing C). I don't think that anyone was expecting him to be as small as he was.

Chris's brother - proud uncle

Chris's sister and fiancé - auntie and uncle

We took C home about an hour later and got him all settled. Our first full day looking after a baby on our own went smoothly. I hoped that it would stay that way.

C finally at home - getting burped by daddy

11 comments on "The Day We Got to Bring C Home"
  1. this is beautiful and such an amazing moment!

    thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

  2. One of the best days of my life, Jaime x

  3. Everyone was super pleased to see him home finally, with out saying it must have been hard on you having to wait all that time but you can sense from the pictures that everyone was feeling your relief. I love the winding face picture it seems so rough to hold them that way but obviously they are fully supported. Lovely post thanks :-)

  4. They really were. And yes, we were scared in case we broke him! lol

  5. Oh Rebecca I didn't know your little boy had been so small and premature! I was looking for your post to comment back to and I saw this gorgeous photo of a scrunchily adorable baby and I just had to click onto it and I found out it was your post! Gosh you must be so proud and protective of your little dude! It's a lovely post and a great background story to you and your little one,lv Jess x

  6. I am very proud and protective. He's almost 9 months and I've still never left him for more than 2 hours with someone other than his daddy! Thank you for reading and commenting, Jess x

  7. What a sweetie! I remember the day I took my preemie home, I kept expecting someone to stop me at the doors and say I wasn't allowed. BEST day ever but also truly surreal after the months in NICU. C looks just beautiful, and looking forward to exploring more blog too! x

  8. Yes, that's exactly how I felt, mouse. It didn't seem real! And when we had that first day home, it felt as though I was expected to bring him back! x