Tuesday 26 August 2014

A Present for a Big Brother from a Little Sister

As soon as we found out that we were expecting a second child, I knew we had to get C a present from her. We uhm-ed and ahh-ed over what to buy. Do we just get him a toy that we know he'll like? In the end, I decided to make him one. Now, my craft skills are non-existent but he isn't even 2 yet. I highly doubt he'll mind if it's not perfect!

Regular readers will know that I get a Nonabox subscription and every month, it arrives in a sturdy purple and grey box. This is where I started. I took a box and covered it with coloured card and wrote his name on the lid.

Inside the lid, I printed a little poem (in Mickey Mouse font even though he probably won't even realise it!) and 'I love my big brother' sign.

Inside the box, I filled it with:

1. Bubbles! C loves bubbles and he could spend hours trying to catch them and watch them in amazement. This six pack only cost £1.50 from the party accessories section of Tesco.

2. No. 1 Brother t-shirt. I picked this up in Primark months ago before I'd even decided on making this box but when I was putting it together, I knew I had to include it. It was only £1.50!

3. Sweets! I don't make a habit of giving C too many sweets but I thought they'd be a nice treat for him. I've included a pack of Tayto Onion Rings, 2 bags of chocolate buttons (milk and white variety) and 2 flumps.

4. 2 toy cars. C is obsessed with cars at the moment and he loves to wheel them around on the floor making "brum" noises. These were only £1 each in Poundland.

5. 'My New Baby' by Rachel Fuller. I loved books as a kid and I wanted to pass that on to C. Quite early in my pregnancy, I bought him 'There's a House Inside My Mummy' and he did pick up on the fact that there is a baby in my tummy and he likes to pull my top up, say "baby" and kiss it. 'My New Baby' is so lovely as it's designed to help siblings adjust to a new addition. I picked this up for £3.59 on Amazon.

6 & 7. A colouring book and markers. I've mentioned so many times previously about C's artistic flair. His favourite thing to do is draw so I'd be crazy not to include these. The book was £1 in Poundland and the markers were only £1.50 in Tesco's 'Back to School' section!

Okay, so I didn't break the bank in making this box for him but I know that everything inside will go down exceptionally well and that's all that matters!

Did you buy your first born a present from their new sibling? What did you choose?

3 comments on "A Present for a Big Brother from a Little Sister"
  1. This is a lovely idea, I plan on doing something similar for Amelia with a box or basket and full of little goodies etc from the baby :) xx