Monday 18 August 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 37 Week Bump Update

I'm 37 weeks pregnant. 

I can't believe it - I've cooked a baby to full-term! 

This week has been very hard. I've had a lot of pains with the main one being cramps in my lower back which radiate up my spine then make my neck throb? I have no idea what it is but some people have told me that it sounds like sciatica :(

In addition to this, I've had more frequent Braxton Hicks. My feet and ankles seem to have swollen quite a bit too and they just get worse as the evening goes on. 

I'm not sure if my bump picture shows, but I do feel like the baby is lower down now. I'm feeling constant pressure down below (almost as if my waters could go at any minute!) and the pain in my rib is gone. I'm guessing that this is because she is moving down and getting ready to be born. 

At this stage the baby weighs around 2.8kg and measures roughly 49cm from head to toe. Now, not much is happening in way of development. It's just a waiting game now!

1 comment on "My Second Pregnancy: 37 Week Bump Update"
  1. Congratulations on getting to full term Rebecca not too long to go hopefully now :)