Tuesday 5 August 2014

Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser - Review

C, at 22 months old, still has a dummy. He does only get it when he's tired though as it helps him drift off to sleep. Chris and I both don't drive so when we are out and about with C in the pram, we'll take his dummy with us because he will nap in his buggy. Sometimes, the inevitable does happen, and he will strop and throw his dummy on the ground or it will accidentally get dropped. 

Milton have sent us out one of their Mini Portable Soother Sterilisers to try out and they are so easy to use!

Upon opening, I found that it came with a strap to attach onto the side of your pram (I've been attaching mine to my changing bag) and 10 mini sterilising tablets. 

To use the steriliser all you need to do is rinse your soother, open the mini steriliser and inside there will be two sponges; a solid one and one with a hole. These need to be removed before use. Then, fill the steriliser with cold water up to the line and insert a mini sterilising tablet and wait for it to dissolve. After it has fully dissolved, place the solid sponge back in then the sponge with the hole on top. The two sponges will absorb all of the solution (tip any excess away). 

Next, place the teat of the soother into the hole of the sponge and twist it to clean, close the lid and leave for 15 minutes to fully sterilise. 

I cannot believe how quick, easy and simple it is and it does really make my life easier when we're out and about. It's watertight too so we have had no leakages, thankfully! You don't need to rinse the dummy before giving it to your child and it will stay sterile in the solution for 24 hours. 

You can purchase your own Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser from Boots for an amazing £5.00 (usually £6.99)! 

(Disclaimer: I received this item free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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