Wednesday 13 August 2014

Toddler Meal Ideas: Calzone Roll

Recently, we found ourselves in a bit of a rut. It seemed that we were always feeding C the same types of food and it just led to him getting bored of them which made us struggle to get him to eat. We needed new ideas!

A couple of days ago, we tried our hands at a calzone roll. 

All you need is:

Pizza dough (we cheated a little and used a Jamie Oliver kit!)
Grated mozzarella
Serrano ham
Tomato purée
Tomato & pepperoni pizza sauce

The Jamie Oliver kit made things so easy. You just need to add water to the flour, knead the dough, place in a container with cling film to cover and put it in a warm place for half an hour to expand. 

Once it had expanded, we rolled it out, mixed the pizza sauce with a little tomato purée to thicken it and spread it evenly on top. 

We then added half the mozzarella, some Serrano ham pieces, salami pieces and then more mozzarella on top. We scattered some herbs over to season. We folded in the sides then rolled it up, placed it on a baking tray and baked on gas mark 8 for 18 minutes. 

We then served it with some veggies. 

It was such a lovely change for us, absolutely delicious, didn't take very long to make or break the bank! C really enjoyed it too!

 What meals do you feed your toddlers? I could use some new ideas! 

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  1. Thinks looks yummy, I have pizza dough to make tomoro I'm totally trying this