Thursday 21 August 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 37 Week Consultant Appointment

How can things change so much in one day?

Yesterday, I posted about seeing my community midwife and everything looked fine. Today was a completely different story and I've just had a rubbish day if I'm totally honest. 

Firstly, Chris had to work so this would be the first hospital appointment that he wouldn't be able to attend with me but seeing as everything was fine yesterday, we assumed nothing would show up today. I left C at Chris's mums and I'm really glad I did now!

My appointment was for 2.45pm but I didn't get called in until 3.35pm. Cue a tired and grumpy me, worried about leaving C for so long and being bored out of my mind because Chris wasn't with me. 

I'd pointed out my swelling but did say that it had been checked out yesterday and that I was advised to just elevate my legs and stay off my feet as much as possible. She had a little feel of my legs and checked my reflexes. 

I was given a scan and everything looked fine with the baby and she was wriggling away. My blood pressure was checked and it had gone from being 120/80 yesterday to 124/91 today. That made it borderline. Protein and leukocytes were also found in my urine so that was sent off. Last night and today, I noticed that I have been seeing 'floaters' (but wasn't overly worried as my blood pressure was fine yesterday) so all these symptoms together aren't great. 

The doctor left to speak to her colleague about "what to do". I was terrified. The last thing I wanted was for them to keep me in overnight. Luckily, as my BP is only borderline, they want me to come back on Saturday morning and Tuesday morning to get it checked. I'll also go back to see her on Thursday. 

My iron levels are still really low so after my surprise blood tests yesterday, another 4 tubes were taken today. I was given another script for iron tablets and of they don't pick up, I will need to be given iron intravenously. 

I'm keeping everything crossed that today has just been a bad day and my BP will be fine on Saturday. It just really sucked being there and being told all of this information on my own. 

I got back to pick up C and the first thing he did was give me a massive cuddle. Just what I needed <3 
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  1. Good luck with the appointments....I hope all goes well! Hugs x