Thursday 7 August 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 35 Week Consultant Appointment

Today I saw my consultant at the hospital. I wasn't too sure what to expect as I've never made it to 35 weeks before. I obviously knew that they would check the basics - urine (which was completely fine), blood pressure (again, fine at 119/80) and she asked how I was feeling. I have had mild oedema in my hands and feet but it is nowhere near as bad as it was during my last pregnancy and as I've had no other pre-eclampsia symptoms, she wasn't worried at all. 

I was given a quick scan to check the placenta which is thankfully functioning normally this time! Baby is also estimated to be weighing around 5lbs 4oz. My guess is that she'll be around 7.5/8lbs at birth! 

I questioned labour. I explained that the last consultant that I saw told me that I wouldn't be induced if I were to go overdue and that they would give me another Caesarean section. I wanted to know when I would be likely to get an estimated date for that (C's birthday is Sept 21st and if I go 12 days over that brings me to the 20th - eek!) or if it would just be a case of "we'll see what happens". She explained that as my body hasn't laboured before they would want to leave me for as long as possible because if they start to interfere, the risk of me needing a c-section is higher so really they don't want to be inserting pessaries or anything to get me started off because it could rupture my scar or them interfering could make things worse. 

I'm feeling a little 'meh' if I'm honest. I think it's just the thought of not knowing what will happen. Apparently, although I've had a baby, I haven't laboured so I am likely to go overdue. I don't like the unknown. I just wish I knew whether or not I will be able to labour successfully on my own! 

Anywho, the baby is still head down but not engaged. I see my community midwife in two weeks time (on the 20th) then I will be back at the hospital for another consultant appointment the following day which I thought was a bit strange but I guess it's good that they are keeping a closer eye on me at this stage due to my pregnancy history.   
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