Friday 15 May 2015

Ella's Kitchen's New 6 month+ Range

Since we started weaning E, we've been lucky enough to work with Ella's Kitchen and try all their gorgeous flavour combinations. 

They recently brought out a brand new range of 6 months+ tastes and of course we wanted to try them out! 

We received Cauliflower Cheese, Tomato & Red Lentil Bake, Bubble & Squeak and Macaroni Cheese (chickpea & sweet potato mash is available to buy too).

The 6 month+ range are perfect for little ones who are inbetween weaning stages. They make the transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2 easier. They introduce your baby to proteins and they are a little thicker than the 4 month+ range. They are still a purée but now your baby has tiny lumps to try too.

E seemed to enjoy all of the flavours - I thought they smelled beautiful too - and although she pulled a bit of a face at the first try of most of them, she couldn't get to the spoon quick enough. Since trying these pouches, I have actually bought more in the supermarket because E liked them so much. Ella's Kitchen are definitely my favourite brand because there are no hidden nasties - I know that everything my child is getting is 100% organic. I love that you can also feed them at room temperature or heated meaning that they are perfect if you are out and about.

You can find the Ella's Kitchen 6 month+ range at all major supermarkets retailing at only £1.29 per pouch. You can also find out more about Ella's Kitchen at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I received these pouches for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

3 comments on "Ella's Kitchen's New 6 month+ Range"
  1. These look great my 8 month old would love these so i will have to keep an eye out for them xx

  2. do these pouches taste like the flavours they say? The Heinz jars all taste the same and don't taste that nice at all. x

  3. They really do, blogging mummy! Ella's Kitchen are the only brand I'd use because the flavours are true to what they are supposed to be.