Monday 11 May 2015

Today I'm Starting the #SlimFastChallenge

After giving birth to C, I found it quite easy to lose the baby weight. Chris worked a lot and C was a clingy baby so eating was something I didn't have a lot of time for (not a healthy way to lose weight!) but with E it's been quite difficult. I did lose a few pounds a couple of months ago but I ended up putting it all back on again, plus more!

I am now at 11st and my target weight is around 9st. Today, I'm starting the #SlimFastChallenge for two weeks. Now, I don't believe that I will lose as much as 2st in two weeks but I do believe that it will get me on the right track. I don't suit having weight on and especially with summer coming, I'd love to look a bit slimmer and wear nice outfits! 

The #SlimFastChallenge is a 321 plan. I have received a variety of meal replacement bars, ready-to-drink shakes, meal replacement powders and snacks. On the plan, I am allowed three snacks (these can include fruit too), two meal replacement products and one balanced meal per day. 

I'm really excited to be giving it a go and I will be blogging about my journey. I'll write an update in a weeks' time (the halfway point) to let you know how I'm getting on.

Wish me luck! 

2 comments on "Today I'm Starting the #SlimFastChallenge"
  1. I'm about to start this too. Feeling very nervous but excited as well. Looking forward to your update.