Wednesday 27 May 2015

Mummy & Me #3 - May

I love the Mummy & Me linky. I never ever remember to specifically take photographs for this post but I like having somewhere to collate all of my pics of just me and the kids. 

May feels like it's arrived so quickly and I honestly don't feel like we've done much? It was my niece first birthday party on Sunday and both kids enjoyed that lots. C had fun running around and playing and E liked all the attention from the family.

I mentioned last month that lots are iPhone selfies and that hasn't changed - sorry!

Showing off Peppa on the iPad!

My aim for next month is to have more photos with C. I think he's too cool to get a pic with his mummy now! 

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8 comments on "Mummy & Me #3 - May"
  1. Lovely photos! All my photos of both Osian and myself have been phone selfies too xxx

  2. They are adorable! :-) #mummyandme

  3. Aww I get too carried away with the iPhone too next month I'm making a real effort to take proper set up photos, added you and your blog it's lovely :) x

  4. Gorgeous!! You're my hair inspiration you know - you make me want funky hair everytime I see a photo of you! lol!
    What kind of carrier is that in the pic with Erin?
    Such gorgeous kiddies!!! xxx

  5. Aww the one of all three of you is so lovely! I'm a huge fan of the iPhone selfie too haha xx

  6. Awww lovely photos! I love the one of the 3 of you in bed - so cute! I'm a big fan of the selfies too :) xx

  7. Lovely. I always have to make an effect to remember to take a picture. I really don't have that many with both of mine. I need to try harder. Well done you. Thank you for linking up x