Thursday 21 May 2015

C at 32 Months

32 months sound a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? When do I stop counting in months? When he turns 3? Then do I only do yearly updates? But he'll learn so much in a year! I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. 

He is such a typical little boy and sometimes I can't believe how big he is? When did he grow up? 

He has started to sing insults to us (and E!). It started off with "Daddy is a jackass!" I know, that's awful, isn't it? I call Chris a jackass all the time so clearly he's picked up on it. We did think it was funny the first time, not so funny when he sings it in the middle of Sainsburys. I've since replaced it with the word "loser" which seems to be working. He does love saying silly things as insults such as "Daddy is a Caleb" or "banana", "ipad"... The list is endless! He thinks he's really hilarious too. 

We have been dummy-free for about three weeks now. It was a complete accident as we actually lost it (I then found it under the sofa but didn't tell him). The first night, he woke up crying but after we settled him down he went back to sleep no problem. The following night was fine but when he woke up he asked Chris where his dummy was. Chris told him that he's a big boy now and doesn't need a dummy. Since then, he has been brilliant without it. He goes to sleep no problem and never asks for it. 

We went through a phase this month where he didn't want to wear t-shirts. He'd be fine putting on his trousers and vests but as soon as the top went on, he was pulling at it and telling me that he was stuck. I told him he was stuck and he cried his eyes out for about ten minutes. This happened every day for about three weeks but I think he's over it now. He did once tell me he was stuck in his skin too!

He's obsessed with shadows. Every time he spots one, he points it out to us. 

C has been full of compliments and even told me "You look nice" when I got ready one day. 

His favourites this month are dinosaurs, monsters and Super Mario. 

I've been teaching him the numbers 10-20 and he's doing really well with them. I'm surprised at how quickly he's remembered them. He does think 12 is "two-teen" though! 

He loves playing on the iPad which is something I always said he'd never do. He isn't obsessed with it though and does play with his toys a lot too. He loves watching people opening surprise eggs and Peppa Pig play sets on YouTube. He's also fallen in love with PoCoYo on Netflix!  

3 comments on "C at 32 Months"
  1. Aww its nice to progress in months, especially as they grow so quick. At least it was tshirts he didn't want to wear, my nephew is going through a no pants phase.

  2. Matthew loves the shadows too. he steps on mine and daddy's when going for a walk. Lol
    I gave up on Matthews updates. I'm gonna do one when he turns 3 in August instead.

  3. He's growing so quickly! Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at the "jackass" part. :D

    Dex said "mummy beautiful" the other week. It's things like that which really cheer me up when I'm having a down day.

    Dex is the opposite with dummies - he refused to take one when he was little, but now his brother has one he's obsessed with stealing them!