Tuesday 5 May 2015

E at 8 Months

The months seem to be flying by and E is becoming bigger and bigger everyday. 

She absolutely love her food. Not only will she drink all of her milk but anytime she sees anyone with food, she's straight over trying to grab it to eat herself - much like her big brother! 

She is able to grab things a lot easier and passing things between hands isn't a problem. 

E is babbling more which is a lovely sound. It's like she's having a little chat with me and her daddy. 

Before she was born, I always thought she'd be a daddy's girl but no, she's a mummy's girl. When I'm holding her and Chris puts his arms out she won't go over to him but when I do it, she can't get to me quick enough. She also gets very jealous. When Chris hugs me and she can't get near me, she will cry her wee eyes out. She also screams the house down when she can't see me which can be very hard during the day as I can hardly get anything done! 

She is nodding her head which is really funny. She accompanies it with saying "ba ba ba" which adds to the hilarity. 

She has 3 7oz bottles a day and 3 meals.

She is comfortably wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 4 nappies. 

I can't believe next month she will be nine months. The same amount of time she was in my belly! 

1 comment on "E at 8 Months"
  1. I can't believe she's 8 months already. It's going so quickly!

    Milo is 4 months now and the time is flying by!