Sunday 7 June 2015

E at 9 Months

I can't believe E is nine months old already - it's crazy! I'm two days late with this post though. Oops.

Her little personality is shining through and although I can see similarities between her and C, I can see differences too.

She is a lot more inquisitive and into everything. Anything that we have in our hands, she wants. She has actually toppled out of her walker because she's too busy leaning over the side to retrieve a toy from the floor.I definitely need eyes in the back of my head.

E has new little cute things that she loves doing like wanting kisses, peekaboo with a towel, waving, shaking and nodding her head. She also loves to copy her big bro when he screams - thanks guys.

When C was E's age, I bought him his first straw cup. The age range is 12 months+ but I thought she'd be okay using it. She loves it!

She still takes three 7oz bottles a day and three meals. She wears 6-9 months but they are very tight around her belly and chunky thighs so I think it's time to move up a size!

9 months in, 9 months out!

3 comments on "E at 9 Months"
  1. Lovely. They grow up way too fast.

  2. Nine months is such a poignant age isn't it, the same outside as they were in. Love your photo! And you're right, you really will need eyes on her at all times now by the sounds of it! #whatmykiddid

  3. I love that picture idea, so adorable! She is so gorgeous and looking very cheeky in that first picture. #WhatMyKidDid