Tuesday 30 June 2015

Me & Mine - June 2015

I cannot believe that come tomorrow, we'll be in July. That means it's just over 2 months until the kids birthdays and 5 until Christmas!

This month has finally seen us have sun so we have been enjoying plenty of park trips and ice cream shop visits with the kids! Chris finishes work at 5 so we get to make the most of the daylight.

I always forget to take a special photo for this post. I'm usually behind the camera so I really need to up my game for next month. 

This month we have reluctantly taken another year's lease on our house. I hate living in a rental property but we just need a little more money behind us at the mo plus we don't want to just settle for the first house we see. Hopefully we can find somewhere suitable soon. 

Next month, we are looking forward to more day trips out and playing in the paddling pool (if the great weather continues!). The Tall Ships are in Belfast this weekend so we are wanting to visit that and we also are planning a trip to the beach! C hasn't been since he was around 9 months old and E has never been! I'm sure they'll love it. 

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2 comments on "Me & Mine - June 2015"
  1. Oh I hope you have fun at the Tall Ships - I sailed in the race a couple of years when I was a teenager and it was amazing seeing all the boats lines up!

  2. It's certainly so scary how fast this year is flying by... half way through already, MADNESS! This photo is so cute, love how active and wriggly the kids look, just as kids should be. x