Wednesday 10 June 2015

The First Time

E is nine months old and in that time I have never spent a full day out of the house with them on my own. I always have someone else with me. C is well and truly in the terrible twos and is constantly stropping. We don't own a double buggy or a buggy board (I really need to buy one though!). 

Chris had work today so it was just the three of us. The sun was shining for the first time in ages and I knew I had to take the kids out as it would be cruel of me to keep them in all day. I had to pop to the post office so I got the three of us ready, we walked (C and I, E in the pram) all the way to the post office then up to the park. 

C loves the park so much and he was totally in his element. He played on the swing, slide and seesaw then had a run around on the grass. He did get a little mischievous and run away from me a few times. Me running after him, pram in two, was a pain! 

Afterwards, I took him across the road for an ice cream cone and a drink. He sat so nicely and I honestly don't know why I freak out about having to take him anywhere. My anxiety has increased massively since having children but I've started a new job next week so I'm hoping that helps me feel a bit more normal. 

Chris (daddy) works near where the park is so we took a walk up to meet him as he would be finishing soon. At this point, C had walked very far and his little legs couldn't carry him any further and he asked to be carried. I picked him up, held him with one arm and pushed the pram with the other. He is very heavy so after a while I had to put him down but he screamed and cried to get back up. I bit the bullet and lifted him again then I saw his eyes get heavy. And then I felt all of his body weight drape over me. He'd fallen asleep! I had to make my way up the top of the road to meet Chris pushing the baby and carrying the toddler in the sweltering heat. Thankfully when Chris came out, he took over and carried him home. 

This may sound stupid but I feel like I've accomplished something massive. I can take both kids out by myself and they will be well-behaved and I won't have other people looking at us. I can do it. Maybe I'll just buy a buggy board for next time! 

2 comments on "The First Time"
  1. Well done Rebecca. :)
    I've never been out with the 2 of mine either. Its either Chloe or just Matthew. I own a double buggy but Chloe isn't big enough for it yet v

  2. You're braver than me! :P Glad it was all okay. :)

    I'd love for us all to go out as a family, but with the wheelchair, a toddler and a buggy it's just not feasible! I can't self-propel so need Sam to push me. When we do all go out, my mother-in-law has to come to help too! Such a palaver!

    Glad the weather was nice for you. :) It's been a bit hit and miss here!