Sunday 21 June 2015

C at 33 Months

C is edging closer and closer to 3 years old and I honestly cannot believe it. I'm not mentally prepared to have a 3 year old!

He is coming along amazingly with speech and Chris and I can have conversations with him like we would with each other. This makes it so much easier to understand what he does and doesn't want and he can tell us when he gets annoyed or frustrated. 

He has been able to count to 10 for quite a while now but now we've upped it to 20. When we're out walking and he sees numbers on houses or in aisles whilst shopping, he always tells us the number.

C is the most hilarious kid. I'm sure everyone says that about their own child but not a day goes by where he doesn't have us in stitches. He is a right little character. Just yesterday, we gave him a Nutella sandwich as a treat and he made up his own little song about his "chocolate sandwich". He is a very quick thinker and can always reply with some witty quip in a matter of seconds.

He is getting quite cheeky but in a funny way. He likes to tell people to be quiet and stop doing things that he doesn't like. 

Watching videos on YouTube is one of his favourite things to do. He has learned lots of new songs just from watching and now he can recite the alphabet from watching a video of the alphabet song! His favourite shows at the moment are Peppa Pig, Pocoyo and Yo Gabba Gabba.

It isn't all easy-going and we do have tantrums. When he has a tantrum he hits himself (usually slapping his stomach) and screaming at the top of his lungs. We usually ignore it and he realises that he isn't getting attention and stops. 

His favourite toys at the moment are Mr Potato Head and his building blocks. We have Mega Bloks at home and Lego Duplo at my parents and he loves building things with them. I also bought him his first Peppa Pig playset and he adores that too! 

Lastly, he has developed more of a Spider-Man obsession. It was shown on ITV a few weeks ago and everytime the advert was shown in the run up, he'd run over to the TV and shout "Spider-Man!"  I then introduced him to the cartoons and he watched in awe! He's a proper little superhero-loving boy!

It seems that in a split second he's gone from a toddler to a boy. Where did that time go!? 

2 comments on "C at 33 Months"
  1. Love this! He sounds like a right little character, and I love that he has such a vivid imagination! Nutella sandwiches are awesome too, I want one now but it's a bit late!

    Look forward to his next update, thanks for linking up with #WhatmyKidDid!

  2. He sounds like such an amazing little boy, and so smart too. I love when they start talking well enough to make you laugh