Wednesday 24 June 2015

Babywearing with Rockin' Baby

Babywearing was never something that I got into when C was little. When I was pregnant with E, I looked into it a little and bought a wrap. I absolutely loved having her close to me but as she got bigger, she began to feel uncomfortable. I am still a bit of a newbie when it comes to babywearing so I was over the moon when Rockin' Baby sent us one of their slings to try out.

Rockin' Baby sell a range of babywearing slings and pouches. For each item sold, another one will be donated to a mother in Haiti or Kenya. Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere so the slings make a massive difference to the parents lives as they can keep their babies safe and hands free. In addition to making it easier to nurture and love, as well as bonding and breastfeeding, the donated slings allow mothers to continue to gather food and water for their families.

I received the Rockin' Baby Sling in Orange Hero. When I first opened it out I thought, "Dear goodness, this is like nothing I've tried before!" It did look very complicated and I am rubbish with diagrammed instructions so I chose to view the 'how to' video on YouTube lots of a few times. I knew that I had to follow the TICKS rules too.

Honestly, I tried it lots of times with E and she sat well but I knew that it wasn't tight enough and I didn't have the strength in my left arm to tighten it whilst I had E's weight on the sling. Chris, however, tried it once and got her in it perfectly. Over the next few days, I practiced and practiced and found that the only thing holding me back was the tightening.

If I have Chris here to hand E to me to put her in the sling and to help me tighten it, she sits securely. It was easier to hold E up with my right arm and tighten it with my left. When I felt comfortable, we ventured out to the park pram-free; C walking and E in her brand new sling. I had the sling capped on my shoulder so that it didn't strain my neck and made sure that E's bum was sat deeply in the fabric and that her legs were in the froggy position.

Both of us were extremely happy and comfortable throughout our whole trip out and it was so lovely having her so close to me. She enjoyed having a nosey around too!

I chose to stick to the Hip Carry as it's perfect for E's age and weight but you can view the different carry styles on Rockin' Baby's YouTube Channel.

The sling itself is fantastic quality and I didn't feel anxious about carrying E at all, I knew she was safe and she felt secure. It is made from 100% ultra soft breathable cotton and it even has a pocket for keys etc. which means it is perfect for being out and about and you don't have to worry about carrying a heavy changing bag too.

The Rockin' Baby slings retail at £49.00 and the pouches are £59.00. Once I got over my initial worries and drawbacks, it has been an absolute dream and perfect for taking both children out it the warm weather as I don't own a double buggy! It is suitable from newborn to children up to 40lbs in weight. 

You can find out more at the Rockin' Baby website and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: We received a Rockin' Baby sling for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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2 comments on "Babywearing with Rockin' Baby"
  1. I love the look and sound of these. I have always wanted to baby wear with my son who's 9 months but worry I have left it to late now which is a shame as it would make life so much easier as I also have a two year old to run around after xx

  2. Great review, Rebecca. This seems like something that would help massively with me being in a wheelchair, as at the moment we can't all go out as a family as we don't own a double buggy either.

    Thanks for introducing me to this brand and I think the fact that they send slings out to Haiti or Kenya is fantastic!