Monday 15 June 2015

Siblings: June 2015

C and E very much have a love/hate (okay, maybe a strong word!) relationship at the minute. 

E is a lot more mobile and is now crawling so she is constantly crawling over to play with her big brother. She's snatched toys off him, of course she doesn't understand, but it winds C up to no end. She just wants to play, he wants his toys on his own just like it's always been. I do tell him that he has to share so I'm sure he'll get used to it eventually. 

When they love each other, they really love each other. I always catch C tickling E's cheeks, rubbing her hair or telling her stories. I love just sitting back and watching them. It is the cutest thing. 

(Apologies for the upcoming photo spam! They have been very cute together this month!)

dear beautiful

3 comments on "Siblings: June 2015"
  1. Aww they are just adorable - I love the pictures of them cuddling up together, they're so sweet!

  2. These are so adorable. I love the ones where they're just looking at each other!!
    Ruth Anne

  3. Oh my goodness, Rebecca! They are just too cute! :D You can tell that they have a great relationship, even if they annoy eachother sometimes!

    Dex is similar with Milo. He's always giving him kisses and stroking his head. When he starts becoming agitated, Dex will get the playmat out for him or look for his dummy to give to him. Wish we could tackle the sleep issue though. Dex refuses to sleep with Milo in his bedroom. :(

    How old is E now? Milo is almost 6 months.