Thursday 18 June 2015

The *NEW* Gro-snug from The Gro Company

When C was a newborn he was never one for being swaddled so when E was born, swaddling was brand new to us. She loved being wrapped up like a little burrito and she would sleep soundly for ages.

The Gro Company are launching their brand new item, the Gro-snug, at the end of this month.

The Gro-snug is a combination of a swaddle blanket and a Grobag, providing parents with a safer alternative to loose bedding. It is a simple choice for new parents who are a little blown away by all of the nursery bedding choices that are on the market. 

The Gro-snug is super easy to use and you don't even have to do any folding or wrapping like you would with a swaddle blanket. Parents simply zip the baby into the Gro-snug similarly to a Grobag. The Gro-snug reduces the startle reflex which helps newborns get to sleep and most importantly, stay asleep. 

Features of the Gro-snug:

  • Safe

  1. chin and zip guards prevent rubbing
  2. unique curved seams create space for hip healthy natural 'froggy-leg' position
  3. highest quality construction- no rough seams or edges

  • Snug

  1. poppers can be closed for 'arms in' swaddling to reduce startle reflex, or open for 'arms out' transition to a newborn Grobag
  2. double lined chest for secure swaddle comfort 
  3. available in two weights of supersoft cotton fabric depending on the temperature of the room. 'Cosy' for cooler rooms between 16-20C and 'Light' for warmer rooms between 21-25C. 

  • Easy 

  1. supersoft cotton with elastase for stretch 
  2. extra-long and safe YKK zip which opens from the bottom for easy nappy changes 

The Gro-snug-snug launches worldwide on June 28th and it is available in 3 designs; Pure White, Grey Marl and Rainbow Spot. 

You can takes look at a quick 'how-to' video below. I wish these were around for E!

You can find out more information at the Gro Company website and you can also keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

2 comments on "The *NEW* Gro-snug from The Gro Company"
  1. just what i've been looking for! always worry about their hips with some swaddle blankets so i will definitely be looking for one of these for my baby before she makes an appearance, fab post than-you x

  2. Interesting product, L would hate swaddling especially in a hot summer, what I also noticed that she slept with her arms above her head rather than down