Wednesday 22 July 2015

C at 34 Months

Yesterday, C was 34 month old. I'm  a day late with this post and funnily, my 22 month update from last year came up on my Timehop - I was a day late with that too! 

C is changing from a toddler to a proper little boy before my very eyes. Every month, I say his speech is getting better and that very true this month too. He has his own little set phrases that he loves to say like, "oh no, XYZ is in a bad mood again!" and "come on, XYZ, we're friends!" when we won't do something for him. 

The good weather meant he could play outside more and we got the paddling pool and sand pit out. He absolutely loved them and refused to come back inside when it got late! 

He was a great eater as a baby then as he got older that changed and be became more fussy. He's finally eating better but only at home. He's still a little defiant when we are at my parents house. 

Before E was born, C and I always used to stay over at my parents on a Saturday night. A few weeks ago, C, E and I stayed over again for the first time in about a year. He enjoyed himself so much. He adores my dad and every day without fail, C will ask, "Can I see granda tomorrow?" He is his favourite person ever. 

C is completely in love with his little sister. He is always over taking care of her and making her laugh. He even told me once, "Baby needs a sandwich. I'll make it better baby". 

He is so funny. I touched on this last month but he honestly is the funniest kid ever. He will come out with some really hilarious thing without even needing prompting at all. Last night, he put his daddy's boots on and said, "I'm daddy. My tummy's full of cookies!" Chris and I couldn't breathe for laughing. 

He has the best imagination. He is always making up games, stories and songs and he loves role play toys. I will definitely have to get him more adult imitation toys and dressing up costumes for his birthday and Christmas. 

C has always been one for not wanting to go to bed. He always wanted to stay up with us in case he missed something. Now he's getting older he knows when he is tired and asks if he can go upstairs to bed. It makes my life easier! 

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  1. Aww, he sounds so much like Dexter! I think there's only three months between them (Dex is 31 months.)

    Caleb sounds so quirky. :D