Sunday 19 July 2015

Look in my Letterbox #15

Yay! It's time for another Look in my Letterbox! This week has been completely dominated by competition wins!

Moon Cloth
The ladies on my birth board with C were absolutely raving about these but I've always been a bit grossed out about reusable sanitary towels even though C did used cloth nappies for a while. KTBoo Baby had a giveaway for one so I entered on a whim and won!

Knee High Baby Socks from Iyla's Closet
I won these in the first game of tag that I've ever joined in on. The aim is to tag a friend in the comments (as many as you'd like) and when the company writes STOP the name above wins! I had to include a gratuitous pic of E wearing them as they're so darn cute!

Felt Rose Hair Clips from Roaring Stitches
This is another Instagram win! I had to answer a question and tag a friend. Aren't they adorable!? E is a lucky girl.

Wooden Date Block from A Passion for Homes
I won this about a month and a half ago but only received it today as they were waiting on more stock. I have been after a nice date block for a while so I'm very chuffed with it!

Have you received anything nice this week?

3 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #15"
  1. You're super lucky with the instagram comps and E looks gorgeous as ever
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love them clips very cute and them socks are adorable

  3. The idea of reusable sanitary towels freaks me out! Haha.

    E is so beautiful. ^_^

    I really want a date block. I don't know where I'd put it as our house is full, but I want one nevertheless. :D