Sunday 5 July 2015

Look in my Letterbox #13

I'm linking up with Look in my Letterbox for another week!
This week hasn't been the greatest for post-wise - boo! Maybe next week will be better!


I received a box of 28 sachets of Spatone. I really think these will do wonders for me. I know for a fact I don't get enough iron in my diet and I really struggled during E's pregnancy and had to have an infustion! I also have a giveaway to run alongside this review too. 

iPod Shuffle

I was SO chuffed with this win. It came from JellySqueeze on Facebook and I have gifted it to my dad as he mentioned a while ago that he'd like one. 

Have you received anything nice this week?

3 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #13"
  1. Ooooohh I could use some of that spark one myself, I struggle so much with my iron.

  2. I had to have infusions when I was pregnant with Dex. I hated them! I was severely anaemic with Milo too, but there wasn't time to have the infusions so I ended up having to have a blood transfusion in hospital (3 bags of blood! Eurgh!) Ever since my iron levels have been fantastic! lol.

    That's lovely of you to give the iPod Shuffle to your dad. :)

  3. I used Spatone when I was pregnant, much better than the harsh Iron tablets, well done on your win