Sunday 5 July 2015

E at 10 Months

These months are just flying by so quickly. It's seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing E's 9 month update. We're only two months away from her first birthday and I really need to get a move on with present buying!

This month E has mastered crawling. Well, I'm not really sure you can call it crawling. She doesn't use her legs and just drags herself along the floor. It makes me laugh every time and she reminds me of Mr Herbert's dog, Jessie, from Family Guy!

She is very vocal which is complete opposite to how C was. He didn't speak for ages but E is always babbling and 'Yeah' is her new favourite word. She also nods and shakes her head. It so weird seeing her do things like that as C never did.

She absolutely loves her grub. She demolishes anything I put in front of her (except cucumber, I've discovered) and she even loves giving us share of her food. So polite! 

We finally got those first two bottom teeth through! I thought she was going to be gummy forever. She was a bit unsettled for around 3 days then I found them. Guess I have to buy her something now, isn't that the rule? 

E had her first time on the swing in the park. She has usually fallen asleep during park trips but one morning we went early and had the whole park to ourselves. She really enjoyed herself and giggled delightedly. 

A couple of days ago she took 3 steps with the aid of her push along walker. C was very, for want of a better word, lazy and didn't crawl or walk til he was gone one year old. E, I think, is trying to copy everything that her big brother does. I'm hoping she is walking before a year but I may regret saying that!

Her tantrums have begun. I didn't think she'd have them this early but boy, does she let herself be heard. She aggravates C to no end and is always taking toys from him. He gets upset so we have to take them back off her which causes her to shriek and stomp her feet. I hope she grows out of it soon! 

She also had her very first splash in the paddling pool at her grandparents this weekend. She wasn't convinced and only spent a few minutes in it before crying and holding her arms up to me to take her out! 

1 comment on "E at 10 Months"
  1. Oh my gosh. She's growing so quickly! She's so adorable. :D

    Dex didn't walk until he was about 15 months! Lazy tike! Apparently second children are more likely to start walking earlier as they see their older siblings and want to copy them. Not sure how true that is, but Sam started walking at about 14 months and his younger sister started at 11 months!

    Do you know what you want to get her for her birthday, yet? Milo is only 6 months old but I already find myself looking at presents for birthday and Christmas. Eeek!