Monday 31 August 2015

Me & Mine - August 2015

It seems like we have spent the whole of the past month shopping! We have two birthdays in September with E turning one on the 5th and C turning 3 on the 21st so we have been out spoiling them. I can't wait til it's all over (that sounds a bit horrible, doesn't it?!) as I hate trying to decide on what to buy and worrying if I haven't bought enough etc.

I was hoping that we'd have a lovely, sunny August but that didn't happen. We go to my parents every Saturday to visit and luckily we had a few good weekends where the kids could run about the garden and play in the paddling pool.

Daddy is loving:
His guitar - Chris has had a guitar for years but one of the strings has been broken for quite a while. It's been gathering dust since we had the kids so he finally bought some new strings and is falling in love with it all over again.

Playing Grand Theft Auto on the PS3 - yep, I am a GTA widow. It's his favourite way to wind down at night but I don't mind too much as we stick a movie on his laptop and I get some competition entering done!

Mummy is loving:
Listening to music - I have always been a big music lover but since having C, I kind of just stopped! I've downloaded the Spotify app on my new phone and am loving listening to all my faves again.

Rewatching Gossip Girl - this is such a guilty pleasure show and I love when the kids and Chris are in bed so I can sit and binge watch! 

C is loving:
Roleplaying - his new favourite thing to do is pretend to be either a cowboy or a doctor. He keeps asking me for a dressing up box so that is a must for Christmas.

Using the buggy less - we don't drive so getting places takes us quite a while. We would find it easier to strap C in the buggy and go but he is very tall and heavy so we have taken the plunge to take him out without it more. He has done really well and when he is sleepy, Daddy puts him on his shoulders.

E is loving:
Learning to walk and stand unaided - she has recently learned to stand for a good 20 seconds on her own. I've been trying to get her to walk but she is still a little unsure and would much rather cruise along the furniture. I don't think it will be long before she's off on her own.

Expressing herself - she has developed her own little language and loves to point and 'ugh' at things when she wants them. It's lovely hearing her little voice, especially when it's saying 'mummy' and 'daddy'!

dear beautiful
2 comments on "Me & Mine - August 2015"
  1. Aww such a cute photo! I can't believe how alike C and E are now! #meandmine xx

  2. Lovely photo, my husbands a gamer too, im normally looking at shiny things online so its okay! Its lovely when they start to talk isnt it, those first words are so special xx