Friday 2 October 2015

C is 3!

I can't believe my baby boy is three! He actually turned three on September 21st so I'm a bit late in writing this - bad mummy!

We just had a small family day at home with lots of presents, balloons, party food and cake and both kids really enjoyed it. This is the first birthday he's had where he understands it and loves the banners. As soon as he came downstairs and saw his presents he said, "Oh, thank you, mummy and daddy!" It was adorable. He ripped the wrapping paper off himself (this is a first as he wasn't interested last year or last Christmas) and he was overjoyed with everything.

This month he's doing amazingly well with phonics. He tries to read his word books by sounding out the words. I was pretty shocked the first time he did it! He also never stops talking. All day, every day, it's incessant! It definitely makes a change from me constantly worrying because he wasn't a big talker when he turned two!

He is becoming more and more obsessed with dinosaurs and he loves to use the iPad to teach himself about them (mainly using the Andy's Dinosaur Adventures activity on the CBeebies app). He can now tell me the different types of dinosaur using his figurines.

I love that he's starting to eat more again. When he was little he'd eat anything but he started to get fussy and slowly he's trying new foods. I could squeal with joy!

Clothes-wise he wears 3-4 years in tops but only 2-3 years in trousers. His feet are a massive size 8! 

Finally, potty training. This is a total no. No matter what I try he will not entertain the fact that he has to use the toilet. I am worried that he's getting too old to still be in nappies and I'm a little embarrassed if I'm honest!

C is the funniest little boy. He's so witty and makes me laugh every day and I am so proud to be his mummy - even if he does throw an impressive tantrum!

1 comment on "C is 3!"
  1. Look how tiny he was! N'aww! He's growing up so quickly.

    It looks like he had a lovely day. :D

    R.e. C still being in nappies. Thank you for saying this! Dex is almost 3 and won't even entertain the idea of the potty. He has a complete meltdown and cries his heart out. :( I don't want to push it, but then I know he needs to potty train eventually. :(