Thursday 1 October 2015

What I've Won - Sept 2015

September was an okay month for my competition-wise. October is when I really focus on winning for Christmas so hopefully I'll have lots of wins to share next month!

Here's what September brought me:

1) Fish slice from Fish is the Dish
I have been entering this every week for what feels like forever and I finally won! It's come in so handy.

2) Clown cake toppers (RRP £3.50) from Party Kitsch

The lovely Alice at Alice-Megan actually won these for me! She was playing a game of tag on Party Kitsch's Instagram page and the tagger and taggee won a set!

3) Hand sanitising spray from TalkHealth

This is a handy little win and it's great for keeping in the changing bag!

4) Headwrap (£5.99) from Darcy Beautique
I won a surprise headwrap in a "guess what my daughter has drawn" Instagram competition. I had already bought E a Little Mermaid skirt so she very kindly made the headwrap in the same fabric so she could match!

5) Two bows on headbands (RRP £8.00) from babysfirst__x

I am bow obsessed so I was so chuffed with this win - they are so beautiful.

6) Knitted hat (RRP £5.50) from ajsboutique_16

I am so in love with this hat. I'm a sucker for anything handmade because so much time and effort has gone into it. E will be wearing this a lot over the winter.

7) £10 off at thelittlemeadows 

This was a tag win on Instagram. I haven't yet chosen what to put it towards - so many nice things!

8) Fireman Sam DVD and sticker book (RRP £10.98) from MadeForMums

I always enter the MadeForMums Facebook competitions and this will be great for C! I'll put it away in the Christmas cupboard.

9) Tulle bow (RRP £3.40) from sophiebearboutique

I won this in a game of tag and I just love how Christmassy it is! Now to get E something in the same wine colour...

10) Izzy pirate costume (RRP £14.99) from Disney Junior UK

I never, ever thought I had a chance at winning a Disney competition so I'm over the moon. I got to choose either a Jake or Izzy costume but C already has the Jake one so I can't wait for them to match!

11) £30 voucher for Tenstickers from BizziebabyUK

I'm so excited about this win. It will be lovely to get some updated stickers for the kids rooms. I haven't chosen yet but I'm thinking dinosaurs for C and fairies for E.

12) Personalised Santa sack (RRP £12.00) from Jemma's Personalised Prints

I am so excited for Christmas this year and was so pleased to have won this. I already have a Santa sack with C's name on so it's nice to have one for E too!

13) Case of Tornado energy drink (RRP £12.00)
This was a runner up prize on the Tornado website. The main prize was 10 Xbox Ones or PS4's. Chris is a little annoyed I didn't win the biggie!

14) Christmas plaque (RRP £7.50) from Precious Parcels

How cute is this!? It's making me so excited for Christmas to come. I can't wait to hang it.

15) 25% off my own dress design at 

I'm always buying clothes for E and had an Instagram competition where you had to choose colours for a tie dye dress and also what colour the binding and leather sleeves would be then the winner would get 25% off their design. I suggested a grey tie dye with teal leather and binding and mine won! I can't wait to receive it, I'm sure it will look beautiful.

16) Toot Toot Drivers car (RRP £7.00) from Vtech Toys UK 

Vtech were giving away a Vtech Toot Toot Drivers car every day in September on Facebook and Twitter. I entered almost every day (with the exception of days where the prize was a car C already owns) and won on day 28's Twitter one! C loves the Toot Toot sets so he'll be chuffed with this.

17) £100 from Instinctif Partners

This was a survey win! I very rarely complete surveys as I get a bit bored halfway through but it pays off to do them! I got to choose between £100 cash and £100 John Lewis vouchers.

18) Fairy non-bio family pack (RRP £12.99) from Winneroo
I always enter the Winneroo competitions and have had a few nice wins from them. This one is a handy win - my favourite type! It will save us a bit of money.

So, in September I won 18 prizes worth a total of £243.85!
How did you do this month?

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  1. Wow! Well done! It is my mission in life to win a Fish It was one of the first ever competitions I entered on Twitter many years ago and I've never been lucky enough to win one. lol