Wednesday 7 October 2015

Me & Mine: September 2015

I'm a little late with this one - apologies!

This month we have found ourselves in more of a routine as the times where Chris (daddy) is home have changed. He now has Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so we have made Friday our "family day".

We have a science and discovery centre (W5) near us and it's somewhere that I loved visiting as a child. I wanted to wait until C was a bit older to take him and now that he's 3 I decided we'd try him out. I discovered that Chris had never been either! This was a huge shock to me as Chris is very much into science so I knew he'd love it too.

We had so much fun there that we are going to try to visit different, fun places near to us each Friday. I always complain that Northern Ireland is rubbish but there are some lovely things to see and do and I want my children to experience as much of that as possible! I'm also wanting to venture down to Dublin and visit the zoo there, I think it's much better than Belfast Zoo!

Chris is only ever back at teatime during the week so doesn't get to see the kids a lot. I love that we can pack the weekends up with as much fun and excitement as we can.

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  1. I always love seeing your Me & Mine posts. You are such a beautiful family! Thank you for helping me too! I love going to W5, we really must go back. I took D with my mum and brothers and sister's at about 8 months and he was in awe of it all, just looking around. I can't believe Chris had never been. Simon hasn't been either so we must go soon!