Wednesday 28 October 2015

Fisher-Price Silly Wheelie Mickey - Review

I cannot start this review in any way other than, this is probably the best thing that C has ever owned and I honestly believe every kid should have it on their Christmas list this year.

When I first received the email about reviewing, I knew it would be a hit as C loves Mickey Mouse and owns quite a few Mickey Mouse toys but I didn't think it would be as loved and well-received as it has been.

As soon as he arrived, C was keen to get him opened. He is recommended for children aged 2+ so at 3 years of age, he's perfect for C. He kept telling me "Mickey's on a bike!" and when I switched him on, his little eyes lit up. He also comes with 4 AA batteries so he's ready to go. 

All you have to do is pull the flag back on the back of his bike and Mickey can speed around the room, doing wheelies and spins and he sings a little song and says different phrases. He even pedals the bike! The song is so catchy too and I'm always finding myself singing it in my head! C thinks it is absolutely hilarious and the first night he arrived, C spent around half an hour running around the living room after him, sweat dripping from his head and in stitches laughing saying "He's doing a wheelie, mummy! He's so funny!"

Mickey has been played with every single day since we got him and he's always the first toy C asks for in the morning. He even had to come with us for a sleepover at grandad's at the weekend! I've honestly never seen C so attached to a toy and I am seriously impressed. Even my parents were saying how wonderful he is.

The only downside is that C's one year old sister, E, is absolutely terrified of him and crawls as fast as she can away from him when he's switched on. It's terrible of me to say, but it is quite funny! I think he just moves a little too fast for her. She's happy enough to play with him when he's stationary though.

Fisher-Price Silly Wheelie Mickey retails at £31.99 and honestly, it's worth every penny plus more to see how happy he has made C. I really think owning him is the best thing that's ever happened in his life and I cannot recommend him enough.

(Disclaimer: We received this toy for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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