Monday 19 October 2015

Siblings: October 2015

This month has been a bit of a weird month for C and E. E is very much a toddler and no longer a baby. This means that she wants to play more with toys that C would play with but he gets a little selfish and decides that he wants to play with whatever she has. I'm teaching him that he has to share but it's going in one ear and out the other!

They do play nicely together with the same toys which I love! Watching them be nice to each other warms my heart and C does have patience for his little sister - when he feels like it!

First thing in the morning or before bedtime the two of them are very snuggly and cuddly and love making each other laugh by doing silly things. I do get sad when they fight and bicker but seeing them be so sweet to one another really makes me think that we did the right thing by giving C a sibling. 

E is always looking up to C and she is always doing things that he does. She follows him around and she wants to be just like him. She loves him so much.

I've just realised that we have officially been joining in with the Siblings linky for a year! How things change...

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  1. It's hard when siblings want he toys that the other is playing with, hopefully they will soon learn to share and harmony will rein once again #siblings