Monday 5 October 2015

E at 13 Months

Wow, this last month has gone quickly! It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating E's first birthday.

There hasn't really been much of a noticeable change in E's development really. She is becoming a lot cheekier and very funny, much like her older brother. I love seeing her character shine through and she's going to be funny girl!

This month, E is sharing my love of bows and clothes. Every time she gets a bow in the post, I'll show her it and she'll get all excited, kicking her legs and wanting me to give it to her. Equally, when we're out shopping and I show her things she'll do the same or point at toys that she wants and says, "ta-ta!" This is very helpful when it comes to Christmas shopping!

She still isn't walking unaided which I'm very shocked about. She has been cruising the sofa for what feels like forever but as soon as she realises that she hasn't got anything to hold onto she's straight down onto her bum or knees. Hopefully we'll get there soon!

Her vocabulary is picking up and she does try to repeat words. Now she can say, "don't touch", "kiss", "mama", "dada", "ta-ta" and "juice".

E had her first trip to W5 which is a science and activity centre. We went mainly for C as I thought he's at the perfect age for it but E got really involved too and loved the puzzles and books.

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