Wednesday 9 October 2013

C's 1 Year Immunisations

Yesterday, C had to go get his one year immunisations. These ones were his booster of PCV vaccines, booster of Hib/Men C vaccine and his MMR jab. 

C has been unwell recently (runny nose/cough/slight temp) so I wasn't sure if he'd actually be able to get them but I brought him anyway as we'd only received the letter to take him the day before! 

The health visitor advised that the GO give him a once over just to make sure he could go ahead and get them. GP checked his chest, ears and throat and all seemed to be clear. He may just have a cough for a few more days. we went. 

I was dreading these ones. He was quite small when he got his last 2 sets of injections and both times he cried for a second and then was fine. Now though, I thought to myself, "He's a lot bigger now. He'll know what's going on". And I was sort of right!

Firstly he got 2 jabs in his right leg. Chris held his hands against his chest while I tried to distract him. He was all smiles and then suddenly - floods of tears. Then the health visitor did the final jab in his left leg. Tears were streaming down his face and my heart was breaking. He couldn't catch a breath and even continued to cry in the waiting room afterwards. It was definitely the worst. 

We called into the shops after to get him some treats...guilt treats haha! Now we've gotta look out for a rash 7-10 days after the jabs. He seems fine though and was happily playing and giggling away at his nannies later that day. 

Here's hoping we have no problems!

3 comments on "C's 1 Year Immunisations"
  1. I really do hate imms - its that horrible feeling that you've let someone hurt your little baby isn't it! However - the guilt would be far more if we allowed them to get poorly as a result of missing those jabs! x

  2. Immunisations are the worst! If I can help it their Dad can take them, if heart breaks. When it came round to Jacob getting his school boosters at 4yrs I was a mess! As he knew fine rightly what was happening! x

  3. immunisations are very stressful. Thnak goodness for the pink sticky stuff!