Monday 21 October 2013

C at 13 Months

I know I say this every month but, I can't believe another month has passed and I can't believe how much C has changed and grown in such a short time. 

C can now say 'daddy'!
Dada was his first 'word' but he's started to say 'daddy' now. It is insanely cute and now I'm just waiting on 'mummy'. 

He's got his top 4 teeth! 

Surprisingly, they came through rather easily. I'm really not looking forward to when the molars start to arrive!

Since he got the front 2 teeth, C has realised that he can grind his teeth! It makes my skin crawl and the sooner he stops, the better, ha!

Again, teeth related. C will walk towards me with his arms out, tricking me into thinking he's coming for a hug then he'll sink his teeth into my shoulder! Ouch! He's bitten my leg too!

I left an empty mug on the floor after finishing my tea and put C down to crawl and forgot to lift it. He went straight for it and to my surprise, he lifted it properly, put it to his mouth and even made slurping noises!

We tickle C. I think everyone does with their kids. He has begun copying us saying 'tickle'. So cute'

He is enjoying his food more. He opens his sandwiches to eat the fillings first, he knows to dip his food into the ketchup then eat it after and when he's full up, he'll throw his food on the ground. 

He is sharing his food too. He always holds it out for us to take a bite and yesterday, I saw him share a carrot stick with his teddy! Yes, he put it up to Teddy's mouth!

4 comments on "C at 13 Months"
  1. How adorable is he and how much he has grown. He's a proper little guy now and I love how he says "tickle tickle tickle" haha. Adorable. x

  2. Oh he is such a cutie pie!!!

    Completely unrelated but I have a set of bath toys from Brother Max and the baby on the box looks JUST like C!!! Everytime I get them out I think of him! lol


  3. OMG Hayley, I just googled it! That is soo weird! Totally his double! xxx

  4. he is gorgeous, they do grow so fast!