Wednesday 30 October 2013

Keeping Your Home Clean with a Baby*

As per my blog moniker, C was premature. The first few weeks of his life we were constantly disinfecting our hands before we went anywhere near him. I think this is why I'm more aware of germs and dirt in the house. 

In our household, we have a dog, a husky and he sheds. A LOT. C is at the stage now where he crawls about exploring and picks up anything along the way to put into his mouth. I once caught him trying to put a tiny stone in and yes, a clump of dog hair! With the dog shedding so much I find that we need to vacuum a lot. A brush just doesn't cut it. The white hairs are everywhere. We've owned a lot of cheap vacuums before but my Dyson vacuum is great

I genuinely believe that you should invest in your vacuum cleaner. I don't see the point in buying cheap ones that break down every other year. I'd like one that will last throughout C's entire childhood (and maybe even longer!) 

Do you have pets? How do you keep your homes free from hair? 

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1 comment on "Keeping Your Home Clean with a Baby*"
  1. We have two cats and their hair gets everywhere! We only have a handheld vacuum as we live in a small one bedroom flat and don't have the space for a proper vacuum. :( We only have a carpet in the bedroom and have wooden floor in the kitchen and living room. The handheld is okay but I'd like a proper one. :(