Tuesday 1 October 2013

C at 12 months

It amazes me how much C can learn in just a short month.

He can wave! (which is absolutely adorable, by the way!) He does it the wrong way round so his palm is facing him but it's still waving!

He points and shouts! Like a proper angry kid speaking gobbledegook!

He says 'mum' more than 'dad' now *blows raspberry at Chris*

He can say tickle! The cutest and most hilarious thing ever.

He's finally properly crawling and pulling himself up! We recently put him down for a split second, turned around and we saw his little legs going into the bathroom!

He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He has me watching his DVD at least twice a day. Chris and I are constantly singing the songs even when C is asleep! Argh!

I wonder what he'll learn next :)

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