Thursday 17 October 2013

TOMY Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post & Play Review

On a dull and drab Monday that was composed of a doctors visit in the morning, I got home to find that my lovely neighbour had taken in a fabulous review item for us and it instantly perked me up - TOMY's Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post & Play! 

On opening, I thought that this toy looks so bright and colourful. Definitely appealing to a child. I love how there is more than one way to play, ensuring that your child doesn't get bored. 

I showed C how to play with the stackers in the bath. He didn't really grasp how to do it himself but he loves watching the water come through when I do it for him. He claps and puts his hands under (adorable!). 

I have also been trying to teach him which small shape goes in which hole. He is a quick learner so he understands but he forgets to let go of them to put them in! I'm sure he'll catch on eventually but it is teaching him very well. 

The stackers are a bit tougher for him. He will let me stack them and he likes to knock them down and wait for me to put them back up again. He does try to put the smaller shapes on top though! Again, this is something that I think he will pick up on with more practice. 

They pack away easily too - which is great and C's second toy box is filling up thick and fast and it also ensures that we don't lose any little pieces. 

The Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post & Play is suitable for children aged 6-24 months and would make a great Christmas present. It is one of the first toys C wants out of his toy box now and he will definitely the use out of it. 

You can find out more about TOMY at their website, Facebook or Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I received this item free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own).

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