Sunday 13 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - Week 2

Unfortunately, we've been a sicky household this week (we haven't even been able to leave the house!) but it hasn't stopped me from making sure that we have a less than ordinary lunch!

We had our own mini Mardi Gras! Like I said, we haven't left the house so I set about making my own DIY decorations (in green, purple and yellow, of course!)in order to make it as special as I could.

We received some delicious Mission wheat wraps to help us out with our lunch. 

C has never tried wraps before so I was really excited to let him try them. We filled them with mayo, salad, ham and grated cheese.

I even made little Mardi Gras mask toppers to make lunch even more exciting!

C really enjoyed the wraps and we had fun at our Mardi Gras party - C complete with jester hat!

We can't wait for next week's challenge!

2 comments on "The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - Week 2 "
  1. His wee hat is a geg, lol! You made some great decorations there!! Fab challenge post! x

  2. Thanks, Deborah!Very hard to concentrate being sick but I tried my best! :) x