Friday 21 March 2014

C at 18 Months

I can't believe that my little man is a whole YEAR AND A HALF old! How did that happen!? 

He's properly become a little monster now! He's learned to stomp his feet when he's angry (I don't know where he got that from!) but it's really funny to watch. 

He's more vocal but it's nonsense. I do sometimes worry that he doesn't speak much but I'm hoping that in the next 2-3 months, he'll pick up more words. He understands commands and when I pick one of his shoes up, he gives me his foot.

He's biting. Really sore when he has 7 teeth and he seems to think it's funny when we say 'ow'! 

He's learned to stand up using his hands to push himself up off the ground when he falls on his bum. Beforehand, he'd shuffle to the neares sofa or table to pull himself up. He was so proud of himself when we praised him for it!   

He's a typical boy. Whenever he 'passes wind' (to put it in the nicest way possible!) he laughs and waves his hand like he's wafting the smell away. It is hilarious! 

He loves being outside. We took him to the park recently and he ran around for about an hour just collecting sticks. It was lovely seeing him so happy. 

His new trick to get out of saying 'thank you' is to give a kiss instead. He's such a charmer! Last night, his daddy was pretending to cry so C pushed his head up, kissed him then put his hands over his eyes and pretended to sob. He's too smart! 

1 comment on "C at 18 Months"
  1. It really doesn't seem like 18mths ago since you had C. Seeing those wee photos of him in his incubator, being the little champion that he is. Now look at him. Exploded into a proper little man. He's a real credit to you & Chris and now you're expecting Bubs number two!!! EXCITING!!! xx