Monday 3 March 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 13 Week Bump Update

Here we are at 13 weeks!

I'm still feeling pretty nauseous when I wake up but once I've forced myself to eat I start feeling a lot better. This week was a big week because I found the baby's heartbeat on my Doppler for the first time!

Our 20 week scan isn't until April 24th so with Chris and I being impatient, we've booked a private gender scan on March 26th when I'll be 16 weeks + 2 days. Not long to go now!

This week also saw me buy my first pair of maternity jeans. My normal jeans do still fit me perfectly but the waistband digs in and makes me feel ill. I didn't think I'd be in maternity clothing this early!  

Right now, my baby is roughly 6.7cm long and weighs 23g. It now has fingerprints and is perfecting it's suckling motion. Awesome!

4 comments on "My Second Pregnancy: 13 Week Bump Update"
  1. D'aww your bump is growing beautifully!! I bet those maternity jeans feel like they were made by angels. I was never out of mine they were so comfy! lol x

  2. lovely bump picture) i didnt have morning sickness it was more during the day, ive noticed that sucking lemon or eating apple and lots of water helped a lot, but im sure you know whats best for you)

  3. Awwww gorgeous little bump! Are you going to tell us the gender or be mean? lol xx

  4. i'll definitely tell, Hayley! don't think i'll be able to keep it a secret! xx