Wednesday 26 March 2014

Our Gender Scan

Today, we had our gender scan! We left C at Chris's mums for the morning as we knew he would never sit quietly. Every time I asked Chris, he'd say "i think it's a boy". I honestly had no inkling, but with C, I had a feeling right from the start that he was a boy. 

We arrived a bit early but hoped they'd bring us through before our appointment time, and they did. I've heard stories of people not being able to see their baby's bits because they weren't active enough but we were the complete opposite. The baby would not stop wriggling around so we couldn't get a good look. We saw all 4 chambers of the heart and the sonographer said that everything looked perfectly formed but obviously, they will be looking in more depth at the 20 week anomaly scan but I was happy enough to be told that at least everything looks healthy now. 

Chris and I were trying to nosey at the baby's bits but we couldn't make head nor tail of it. After around 15 minutes, we were told that it looked like a baby GIRL! 

She showed us the 3 lines which sort of determine the lady bits. I couldn't believe it! We're going to have one of each!! She then flipped into 3D and we saw the baby scratching her face and wriggling around. Amazing! 

Say hello to our little lady! 

5 comments on "Our Gender Scan"
  1. This is so cute that it actually make me feel clucky!! Love this post and congrats on the news that everything is OK and that you're getting a little lady!! xx

  2. Aww! How fantastic!! Congrats!! x

  3. I have three, and this makes me so maternal. I work at a supermarket and see so many newborns and that makes it worse. I did the sensible thing and got my self "fixed" Three probably is enough, but it doesn't stop me from missing the night feeds, every new step of their development and watching grow from a peanut to -(in my oldest case) thirteen year old. :) Good Luck for the future.

  4. Awww amazing we loved our 3d scan ! Was this through the NHS ? Our hospital would have done this for us :-( Great post start thinking pink :-p

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